News from Greiner

New SEFIRO for Lifthing in Belgium

Posted on 20. December 2023
Reading time aprox. 1 minute
New SEFIRO for Lithing from Belgium. This week Lifthing received their first SEIFRO units in a clever 2 + 2 + 2 axle line combination. The center module is equipped with a dual-use (hybrid) powerpack. Belong others, axle lines can combine length- and/ or crosswise. Up to 230 tons total weight with all 6 axle lines. We wish Pieterjan and his team always successful uses.

Another McRad special vehicle for Airbus / Hamburg

Posted on 26. June 2023
Reading time aprox. 2 minutes

Greiner delivers another special vehicle to Airbus for aircraft segment transport. The special SEFIRO with the imposing dimensions of 16.500 mm x 3.500 mm complements existing Greiner trailers at AIRBUS with another example.

The very customer-specific vehicle is used to transport different cycle racks, which are equipped with aircraft segments from all current A-series, within the AIRBUS Finkenwerder location.

Like all trailers based on the Greiner SEFIROs, this variant also has electronic-hydraulic multi-way all-wheel steering with extensive steering programs. The vehicle is emission-free or rather fully electric. A total of 6 lithium-iron battery blocks can be charged by a total of 12 chargers and an intelligent battery management system in a short time, thus supplying 2 complete hydraulic power units.

It is operated, among other things, via a main radio remote control. A second operator can use an additional control panel to control more of the numerous features at the same time.

Another highlight is an additional autonomous driving program, which uses LiDAR sensors and reflectors to navigate the vehicle to the desired position with millimeter precision.

Extensive lighting, many safety devices, as well as optical and acoustic operator support complete the overall concept.

For other applications at AIRBUS, further orders are in production at Greiner and will be completed in the coming months.


Winter party at Greiner

Posted on 16. January 2023
Reading time aprox. 1 minute

Under the motto “Christmas party is canceled – invitation to the winter party” we were at Guttenberg Castle at the beginning of January for a properly knight’s meal.

After the hot wine punch reception around the campfire, had delicious food and were entertained by a juggler.

Such excursions in the team as well as our barbecue together once a month are very important to all of us and everyone always looks forward to these activities.


Greiner 120 to flat bed frame bridge for Egger AG in St. Gallen

Posted on 5. January 2023
Reading time aprox. 1 minute

The Emil Egger AG has received another special product from us. The flat bed frame bridge with a height of only 320 mm is telescopic and is equipped with shelves, among other things.

Overall, the flat-bed frame bridge is compatible with a Greiner special bridge available from Egger and is therefore also suitable for transporting rail-bound vehicles.

We wish Sven and Christian from Egger AG good work!


New 150-ton Greiner scissor-lift-bridge for Baumann

Posted on 28. July 2022
Reading time aprox. 1 minute

Another Greiner bridge has been added to Baumann’s fleet this week. In the well-known and proven Greiner scissors lift design, this variant is equipped with a comfortable cabin, generous lift, radio and manual control and the typical Greiner push-out extension. We wish the entire Baumann team many successful and profitable deployments and thank them once again for their trust in our technology!


Greiner 200 tons. lifting system and SEFIRO SF 150.8-E for NKT

Posted on 6. July 2022
Reading time aprox. 1 minute

With our GHS-3/200 lifting system for NKT in Cologne, we are making a small contribution to the expansion of the German high-voltage corridor projects “South and Southeast Link”.

The special version of the lifting system has a capacity of 200 tons and is completely manufactured in an NKT-specific special version.

The equipment was completed with the 150 to SEFIRO heavy-duty transporter in a special version. The NKT internal cable drum logistics are now mainly implemented with Greiner equipment, our two products complement each other perfectly.

We are also supporting the energy transition, because the electrically powered SEFIRO is used for the German south-east and south cable routes, among other things.


Greiner HKT-500 (hydraulic climbing tower) and Lifting System GHS-3 540/1000 for RIGA-MAINZ

Posted on 20. December 2021
Reading time aprox. 2 minutes

The new Greiner HKT-500 (Hydraulic Climbing Tower), which RIGA-MAINZ renamed as Power-Lift-Tower, expands Greiner’s product portfolio again.

After a challenging development and construction phase, the system was put through its paces in Ehingen at the beginning of May 2021 with the kind support of Liebherr and subjected to a load test using the impressive LR13000.

As an expansion option, the lifting towers can be equipped with a chassis including a drive unit in the future.

Successful applications have meanwhile taken place in Kornwestheim, Trier and Italy, where bridge structures weighing up to approx. 2,000 tons have been positioned in combination with self-propelled axle lines. RIGA-MAINZ ordered another set of the 1,000 to. Lifting System GHS-3 540/1000. At Greiner, this order was used as an opportunity to completely overhaul the tried-and-tested system from a technical point of view and also to subject it to a facelift. The new lifting system generation from Greiner now has a significantly more compact design with an overall height of only approx. 2,500 mm. The latest monitoring and safety technology is used and all wheels are now driven. A linear synchronization control for larger wheel diameters makes the application even easier. Numerous features can be added to the modular system at any time. The lifting system has also impressively demonstrated its performance in initial use.


Greiner wind tower transport system for Silvasti and Mammoet

Posted on 13. December 2021
Reading time aprox. 1 minute

In the meantime, the new Greiner wind tower transport concept has been put through its paces by Ville Silvasti and his team and the first transports in northern Sweden have taken place to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

For this, Silvasti has already received 4 complete units, another 4 units are currently in production for Mammoet / Denmark and the first unit has already been delivered. The project coordinator of these working groups is Rainer Sasse from Luxtrailers.

The new wind tower transport concept is designed for towers with an inner diameter of up to approx. 6,500 mm and a maximum tower weight of 140 tons. The stroke via the scissor lifting element is up to a maximum of 1,500 mm.

The optional front turntable is equipped with a hydraulically part time rocker hydraulics and the system can be “pre-tensioned” with the Greiner HPS (hydraulic-prestressing-system) to stabilize the system or prevent the load from swinging up.

The result is a practical, robust and simple system that not only impresses with its very low weight.


Greiner SEFIRO / McRad special vehicles for AIRBUS in Hamburg

Posted on 8. December 2021
Reading time aprox. 2 minutes

At the beginning of 2021 we delivered two special SEFIRO to AIRBUS in Hamburg / Finkenwerder. The SEFIRO types “SF 80.8” are listed under the designations McRad4 and McRad5 at AIRBUS and are used for the safe transport of almost all common aircraft segments of the A series.

The two McRad vehicles with the impressive dimensions of 3,450 mm x 16,500 mm have an axle suspension similar to the well-known SEFIRO variants with a special steering lift axle per pendulum axle. The minimum vehicle height is 755 mm with a total of 410 mm lift or axle compensation. The permissible total weight is a good 66 tons.

The drive system is similar to a hybrid version with a 55kW diesel engine and another 30kW electric drive unit. The different aircraft segments are transported on special transport frames. These are automatically centered by the Greiner vehicle, and the load is secured using a load locking system with end position monitoring. The load is picked up and set down in equal lift mode via a levelling system with appropriate distance sensors. In addition, the McRad SEFIROs have an optical, semi-autonomous driving program that is monitored using laser technology, among other things. An extended, comprehensive security and lighting system enables the use at any time.

Immediately after delivery, the two special vehicles were successfully integrated into the production process at AIRBUS and carry out their daily transports there.


Greiner SEFIRO for Jozef Hermans -Industrial Movers- / Venlo:

Posted on 16. March 2020
Reading time aprox. 2 minutes

A somewhat different and new SEFIRO version were recently delivered to the company Jozef Hermans -Industrial Movers- from Venlo – The Netherlands. CEO Jos Hermans explicitly requested a SEFIRO with a 400 volt drive unit, so that the power supply can be provided either from the local power grid or from a power generator. Depending on the required power, the vehicle can be supplied with any current from 32 to 128 amps. For eventualities, the drive concept is supplemented by an additional diesel power pack.

The base unit consists of 2-axle lines and the 400 volt power pack which is integrated in the unit. 2 additional, each 1-axle line additional modules can be coupled as desired, so that a payload according to the requirements and space conditions of approx. 70 to. up to 140 tons. is possible. Thanks to the modular design, subsequent extensions are always possible without restrictions.

The SEFIRO has been always in use since the recent delivery. The Hermans company is delighted with the extremely low overall height, the comfortable stroke or axle compensation and the 100% maintenance-free axle suspension. An important safety aspect is, that the platform do not move any millimetre during changing the steering programs. With a total of 10 different steering programs and the “Independence steering”, the SEFIRO can actually be maneuvered into every corner.