A somewhat different and new SEFIRO version were recently delivered to the company Jozef Hermans -Industrial Movers- from Venlo – The Netherlands. CEO Jos Hermans explicitly requested a SEFIRO with a 400 volt drive unit, so that the power supply can be provided either from the local power grid or from a power generator. Depending on the required power, the vehicle can be supplied with any current from 32 to 128 amps. For eventualities, the drive concept is supplemented by an additional diesel power pack.

The base unit consists of 2-axle lines and the 400 volt power pack which is integrated in the unit. 2 additional, each 1-axle line additional modules can be coupled as desired, so that a payload according to the requirements and space conditions of approx. 70 to. up to 140 tons. is possible. Thanks to the modular design, subsequent extensions are always possible without restrictions.

The SEFIRO has been always in use since the recent delivery. The Hermans company is delighted with the extremely low overall height, the comfortable stroke or axle compensation and the 100% maintenance-free axle suspension. An important safety aspect is, that the platform do not move any millimetre during changing the steering programs. With a total of 10 different steering programs and the “Independence steering”, the SEFIRO can actually be maneuvered into every corner.