At the beginning of 2021 we delivered two special SEFIRO to AIRBUS in Hamburg / Finkenwerder. The SEFIRO types “SF 80.8” are listed under the designations McRad4 and McRad5 at AIRBUS and are used for the safe transport of almost all common aircraft segments of the A series.

The two McRad vehicles with the impressive dimensions of 3,450 mm x 16,500 mm have an axle suspension similar to the well-known SEFIRO variants with a special steering lift axle per pendulum axle. The minimum vehicle height is 755 mm with a total of 410 mm lift or axle compensation. The permissible total weight is a good 66 tons.

The drive system is similar to a hybrid version with a 55kW diesel engine and another 30kW electric drive unit. The different aircraft segments are transported on special transport frames. These are automatically centered by the Greiner vehicle, and the load is secured using a load locking system with end position monitoring. The load is picked up and set down in equal lift mode via a levelling system with appropriate distance sensors. In addition, the McRad SEFIROs have an optical, semi-autonomous driving program that is monitored using laser technology, among other things. An extended, comprehensive security and lighting system enables the use at any time.

Immediately after delivery, the two special vehicles were successfully integrated into the production process at AIRBUS and carry out their daily transports there.