In the meantime, the new Greiner wind tower transport concept has been put through its paces by Ville Silvasti and his team and the first transports in northern Sweden have taken place to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

For this, Silvasti has already received 4 complete units, another 4 units are currently in production for Mammoet / Denmark and the first unit has already been delivered. The project coordinator of these working groups is Rainer Sasse from Luxtrailers.

The new wind tower transport concept is designed for towers with an inner diameter of up to approx. 6,500 mm and a maximum tower weight of 140 tons. The stroke via the scissor lifting element is up to a maximum of 1,500 mm.

The optional front turntable is equipped with a hydraulically part time rocker hydraulics and the system can be “pre-tensioned” with the Greiner HPS (hydraulic-prestressing-system) to stabilize the system or prevent the load from swinging up.

The result is a practical, robust and simple system that not only impresses with its very low weight.